SPORTEC® Sports flooring and elastic layers 

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SPORTEC® rubber flooring products and elastic layers from KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG are proven products refined by continuous further development. A wide range of users - including system providers, specialist distributors, architects and builders of sports facilities - benefit from the advantages they provide. All SPORTEC® products are manufactured in proprietary environment-friendly processes utilizing upwards of 90% recycled rubber materials.

SPORTEC® Floor coverings Indoor Comfort and colour for your indoor sports facilities

SPORTEC® floor coverings made from top-quality recycled rubber tyre and EPDM colour granules are extremely sturdy, easy to clean and water-repellent. As they are very comfortable to walk on and absorb footfall and room noise, Sportec® floor coverings are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in commercial and residential buildings. 

Available in a variety of attractive colours, SPORTEC® allows for personalized floor design. SPORTEC® rubber floor coverings bring comfort and colour to your business premises, offices, exhibition halls and privately used facilities! 


SPORTEC® Color Range

Many SPORTEC® floor coverings are available with Cfl-s1 fire certification (tested according EN 13501-1). SPORTEC products also benefit from a VOC omissions rating of A+ in accordance with AFSSET regulations and comply with VOC requirements of DIBt and AgBB.

SPORTEC® Elastic layers for indoor - High level safety and fun for inside

SPORTEC® indoor elastic underlays feature outstanding ball rebound properties and excellent impact shock absorption, making them ideal for point-elastic floors in sports and multipurpose facilities (SPORTEC® standard, trend and premium). Further application fields of SPORTEC® elastic underlays include daycare centers, gymnastics rooms (SPORTEC®color, SPORTEC® variant, SPORTEC® style), multi-purpose facilities (SPORTEC® purcolor), and under artificial turf surfaces in indoor areas.

SPORTEC® floor coverings outdoor - Maximum protection and safety

SPORTEC® floor coverings outdoor are made from coarse-grained coloured EPDM granules bonded with polyurethane elastomer. They are durable floorings and are the ideal surface for outdoor multipurpose sports areas due to high resilience and excellent durability against mechanical impact.

SPORTEC® UNI sandwich classic and UNI sandwich versa are a combination of our well-engineered SPORTEC® standard and SPORTEC® UNI classic or SPORTEC® UNI versa. It offers maximum protection and safety while preventing joint damages and injuries and proves its perfect suitability as outdoor sports surfacing for basketball, volleyball and multipurpose fields. SPORTEC® UNI sandwich classic is also an excellent solution for indoor areas.

SPORTEC® elastic layers for outdoor areas - Perfect conditions for maximum performance

SPORTEC® outdoor elastic underlays are highly resilient materials used under artificial turf for football (SPORTEC® team cup), field hockey (SPORTEC® team soft) and under running track surfaces (SPORTEC® black sprint). SPORTEC® elastic underlays provide the perfect foundation for safe and enjoyable sports activities.

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