DAMTEC® Acoustic and Vibration Insulation

Acoustic underlays for impact, airborn and drum sound improvement

DAMTEC® provides different acoustic underlays based on recycled rubber granulate for outstanding impact, airborn and drum sound insulation improvement. The floor underlayments are best suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications in new buildings as well as in the renovation / refurbishment sector.

Amongst our acoustic underlays, some can be laid underneath the floor finishes, some under floating screed as well as under rigid floor elements on wooden subfloors. This solution is best suited for new and old timber frame houses with floor joist. The especially developed impact sound insulating mats can be used under all common floorings. By adapting different raw material formulations we provide acoustic insulation products for solid and engineered parquet, laminate floors, cork flooring, resilient floor finishes like linoleum, PVC, vinyl as well as for carpet floors. Under ceramic tiles and stoneware floors our acoustic underlayers achieve further to the footfall noise reduction also a decoupling effect.

DAMTEC® - Properties and benefits

Our recycled rubber mats for impact noise insulation and vibration control were tested in accordance to the relevant DIN, EN and ASTM standards at established Laboratories, Institutes and Universities. This concerns e.g. impact sound measurements, static and dynamic material properties through to site measurements.


      • Outstanding structure-born sound insulation (impact sound deadening / vibration absorption)
      • Increased noise control / sound proofing with a slight adding to overall floor height
      • Outstanding load-bearing performance provided by extreme compressive strength
      • Easy and fast installation
      • May be laid loose (floating floor) or can be glued down (fixed floor)
      • Environment-friendly (made from recycled crumb rubber, can be recycled again)
      • Superior resistance to moisture absorption and rot degradation
      • Excellent thermal conductivity, ideal for use with underfloor heating or cooling systems
      • Can be used over a wide service temperature range
      • No reduction of the acoustic and anti-vibration properties due to highest resiliency even after years of use
      • Eliminates hollow clicking sounds and reverberations (floor to ceiling noise) under hard floor coverings
      • Low compression set
      • Low dynamic stiffness and optimal natural frequencies / resonance frequencies
      • Good inside damping behaviour with optimal performance in the low frequency ranges (“droning noise” barrier)

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