BELMONDO®Rubber flooring for horse

Protection and well-being

The anti-slip surface encourages confident walking and benefits the hoof mechanism. Soft and impact-absorbing, they prevent tendons and joints from overstressing. Rubber has an insulating effect. For horses, this means less cold underfoot, thus entailing fewer problems with muscles, rheumatism and stiffness. In addition, the sound insulation makes the stable a quieter place.

Rubber mats are easy and quick to lay, making self-installation very straightforward. They are hygienic and easy to maintain, and the surface structure makes for easy cleaning. They dry fast and reduce the smell of ammonia, which is a common feature with other types of bedding.

BELMONDO rubber floorings help to reduce costs drastically. The amount of bedding required will decrease considerably. Less space is needed for bedding storage and for the muck heap. Less bedding means less dust thus contributing to a healthier climate in the stable. There are also fewer working hours. Furthermore, the considerable abrasion-resistance and durability make the mats exceptionally long-lasting and cost-effective.

BELMONDO rubber floorings help you promote animal-friendly stable management! They minimize costs and labour – leaving more time for your horse!

Products and Applications

Belmondo: Tailored to the needs of your horse

  • Enhanced slip resistance
  • Appropriate softness benefits the hoof mechanism and protects tendons as well as joints
  • Heat insulation and noise reduction
  • Less noise and less dust exposure contribute to a healthier climate in the stable
  • Easy installation due to interlocking joints
  • Solid rubber mats: long durability, recyclable
  • Significant savings on bedding and reduced manure volume

Hygiene and well-being

BELMONDO rubber mats consist of material which is impermeable to water and they are easy to clean.

To bind fluids (urine) a small amount of absorbent bedding is always required in the loosebox. We also recommend a minimal amount of bedding in the open stable.

The requirements depend on the bedding type, the individual behavior of the horse and the stable climate.

Minimizes costs and labour – leaving more time for your horse!

All BELMONDO products are suitable for looseboxes as well as open stables.

-    with 4 puzzle shaped edges as standard

-    Special dimensions are generally available on request. 

-    All BELMONDO products can be combined with each other


BELMONDO mats (except Walkway) can be driven over with standard equipment such as front end loader or tractor with authorized pneumatic tyres at the recommended inflation pressure up to max. 4 bar. 

(Notice: drive with due care and steer in large radius!)


thickness: +3/-2 mm

length + width each +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

The tolerances also apply within the mat.