GEZOFILL® Rubber granules for artificial turf

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Infill with GEZOFILL® granules to refine artificial turf pitches

While developing this product, which is in use around the world, Gezolan placed special emphasis on quality traits such as being environmentally friendly, having optimum bulk density/specific granity as well as consistency in rubber quality and in the sieve curve.

Gezolan is well-known for granules which always have a consistently high quality and provide excellent coverage yield even with comparatively low bulk density/specific granity.

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Increasingly more facilities are moving from natural grass to artificial turf

For a good reason: it is considerably easier to maintain and more resistant to weather. In addition, there is hardly an athlete any more who complains about the difference compared to natural grass. With today’s artificial turf systems, elasticity and the underfoot feeling are well accepted, and these become even better with GEZOFILL® granules. 

Better sliding characteristics, better underfoot feeling: GEZOFILL® infill granules improve the performance of every artificial turf pitch over the long term, and the product has proven its value in more than 20 countries.

Artificial turf pitches are very popular even though they are more expensive than natural grass. GEZOFILL®, Gezolan’s infill granule material, is as easy to care for as it is to maintain. The product plays a decisive role in helping artificial turf approach the qualities of real grass as regards elasticity and underfoot feeling.


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The granules increase sliding characteristics, which can be a decisive factor when playing football, among other sports. 

Artificial turf pitches with GEZOFILL® are noticeably improved, and the infill granules create ideal playing conditions – and this over many seasons.

In addition, GEZOFILL® offers the highest level of coverage yield because its constant sieve curve makes it easy to achieve a uniform application on the artificial turf. To control the amounts efficiently, an optimal bulk density/specific granity can be determined. This makes sure there is no excess use of granulate material and no loss of valuable money.

GEZOFILL® ensures very good underfoot feeling. Combined with the right artificial turf, the resulting surface has qualities that nearly match those of natural grass.


EPDM rubber granules from Gezolan stand out due to the highest quality:

  • Durable physical properties
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Long-term elasticity and consistent colour
  • Performance per square metre unique anywhere in the world
  • Environmentally friendly recipes
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland
  • In use in more than 60 countries
  • Meets international quality standards
  • More than 40 years of experience


EPDM Granules 0.5 - 2.5 mm -  Low Density Version

EPDM Granules 0.5- 2.5 mm – Compact Version

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