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    GEZOFLEX® EPDM granules from Gezolan are the optimal base for excellent synthetic surfaces and are a driving force behind top performance in professional tracks, arenas and athletic facilities.

When the going gets tough, when temperatures constantly change and additional loads arise, our rubber granules are the ideal material for surface treatments. They are suited for a wide range of uses and are also weather-resistant and colourfast.

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Whether indoors or outdoors

The coloured rubber granules make sure every competition or training facility is in top shape. EPDM granules from Gezolan guarantee athletic facilities can operate the entire year, no matter what the weather. Further, modern multi-purpose facilities can use this material to get every last ounce of performance.

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The premium EPDM granules from Gezolan are the ideal basis for excellent surface solutions for playgrounds and other areas which need impact protection – just as they are for public and private facilities which have terrace floors, swimming pool borders and in water parks.

From a business standpoint, too, Gezolan products are leading the race, and their granules provide unmatched coverage yield. In particular, larger projects such as stadiums, arenas or track/field facilities continually rely on the excellent price/performance ratio and the qualities provided by the worldwide leader in the manufacture of granules for athletic facilities.

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These granules are easy to clean, extremely colourfast and thus ideally suited for sporting facilities, arenas, running tracks and gymnastic facilities. Further, they are quite pleasing to the eye because the granules come in many fashionable standard colours – and on request, even as a colour mixture so that the surface treatment fits in well with the overall design.


EPDM rubber granules from Gezolan stand out due to the highest quality:

  • Durable physical properties
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Long-term elasticity and consistent colour
  • Performance per square metre unique anywhere in the world
  • Environmentally friendly recipes
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland
  • In use in more than 60 countries
  • Meets international quality standards
  • More than 40 years of experience


EPDM Color Range

Safety instructions

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