Mr Bobby Liu graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a doctorate in business administration

Date:2020.01.06|Back to list

Congratulations to Mr Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton group, dedicated to achieving the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from City University of Hong Kong (CityU), which is recognised as one of the highest-ranked DBA programmes in the world.


Bobby said, “I think curiosity, kindness, and perseverance are of outsized importance.My pursuit of lifelong learning grew from these values. After completing my master degree at the CityU, I continued to pursue my doctoral degree in an endeavor to push my academic curiosities to new and challenging places.”


Bobby strongly advocates for lifelong learning and thus aligned with a culture of learning in Milton. DBA journey was challenging, but through his “never given up” attitude, passionate for change and pioneering new initiatives, realizing Milton’s core value.