KOMFORTEX® - Test of surfacing systems for horse stables

Date:2014.11.03|Back to list

Surfacing systems used in animal husbandry should be gentle on the joints and therefore ensure the well-being of the animal as a result of good damping and anti-slip properties for sure-footedness.

They also have to withstand the constant burdens in the stall from the pressure of hooves, abrasion and the effect of acids.

The DLG Test Centre for Technology and Farm Inputs recently tested the “KOMFORTEX® Elastic” surfacing system for horse

 stables from KRAIBURG Relastec for compliance with these criteria and awarded the DLG Focus Test seal of approval.


Especially positive is the fact that the positive damping characteristics are hardly diminished even after an endurance test comprising 250,000 footsteps, which means high durability with long-term joint protection.

In the compression test the penetration depth of the test hoof changed only in the range of tenths of millimeters, even after being subjected to continuous loads, so that the damping properties remain virtually the same as in new condition.

The test simulated two different situations: slow movement with steps having a pressure load of 200 kg; and increased activity such as during playful behavior or at faster gaits with a simulated pressure load of 1,000 kg.

The anti-slip properties, tested by the DLG test engineers in both wet and dry condition by means of traction tests with bare hooves and horseshoes, are likewise above the minimum standard required by the DLG. The surfacing system, manufactured from rubber granules, likewise performed comparatively well in abrasive wear tests and is also resistant to acids that occur in the stall, such as uric acid, feed acids and ammonia, as well as hoof oil applied in drops.

“The KOMFORTEX® elastic surfacing system from KRAIBURG Relastec combines durability with properties that ensure the comfort of the animals,” says Susanne Gäckler, who as manager of the project group “Animal Husbandry Technology” and a qualified horse-keeping specialist supervised the tests at the DLG Test Centre.

“As another important aspect for outdoor installation, the tests showed that the dimensions of the elastic surfacing system hardly change due to the effects of heat and cold. That minimises the danger of the animals tripping.” The detailed results are summarized in test report 6182F, which is available for free download at www.dlg-test.de/stalleinrichtungen.